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Bleyer precision tubes

Bleyer Präzisrohre has specialised in welded precision steel tubes.
From our warehouse in Duesseldorf we provide high quality products and services troughout Europe.

EN 10305-2 (formerly DIN 2393)

EN 10305-3 (formerly DIN 2394)

EN 10305-5 (formerly  DIN 2395)

Since our founding in 1986, we have expanded our product range continuously.
In addition to cold rolled and cold drawn round tubes, we have also been running rectangular tubes and square tubes in the warehouse for some time now. Flat oval tubes and elliptical oval tubes complete our stock program.

Our precision tube assortment

precision tube sizes

Noteworthy is the breadth of our stock range: The smallest “tube” in our warehouse has an outer diameter of 6 mm and a wall thickness of 1 mm, while the largest tube of our stock program has an outer diameter of 200 mm and a wall thickness of 6 mm. The bearing dimensions between the smallest and the largest dimension proceed in units of 1 mm in relation to the outside diameter and in units of 0.25 mm to 0.5 mm in relation to the wall thickness. This results in a number of about 2,000 items, which we constantly store.

smallest precision tube

  • outside-diameter
  • 6 mm
  • wall thickness
  • 1 mm

biggest precision tube

  • outside-diameter
  • 200 mm
  • wall thickness
  • 6 mm

Our offer includes not only standards, but also many specialities in terms of material and execution. Round, cold-rolled precision steel tubes in annealed execution+ N (formerly nbk) with defined height of the inner welding seam and cold-drawn precision steel tubes in material E355 (formerly St 52-3) can be found in our warehouse as well as special products such as conveyor tubes and tubes made from cold rolled strip with defined surface properties for furniture or shopfitting or specially tolerated, cold-drawn precision tubes used in mechanical engineering or the automotive industry. Tubes for use as casings or hot-dip aluminized tubes or tubes made of sendzimir galvanized strip are also part of our stock and delivery program.

Of course, we offer our customers the service of processing. It does not matter if a sawn and deburred round tube or a lasered square tube is needed: In cooperation with our partners we can offer our customers various possibilities of processing. Mechanical processing such as sawing, deburring, trowalizing, laser cutting, end processing, bending, punching, etc. are just as much a part of our product range as surface treatments such as galvanizing or hot dip galvanizing, powder coating or chrome plating.

This of course includes sophisticated logistics to ensure the highest level of reliability. Together with the forwarders we use, we deliver to our customers when the ordered material is needed. Packed as our customer needs it in his production. Whether lattice boxes, cardboard packaging or packaging materials defined by the customer: We are guided by the needs of our customers and act accordingly.